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Accommodation for postgraduates
Masters - Doctorates

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Booking period is open for the 24-25 year
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This is an specific service of room reservations for Universidad de Navarra postgraduates. That means that you will share with students like you. All the apartments fulfil quality standards. The equipment includes WIFI. Bed linen is provided.

On the other hand, if you are from a non-EU country we will provide you with the documentation for the visa if necessary.

You can choose from different periods depending on your stay. To make a reservation select your period, then select an apartment and click on the "Reserve" button next to the room you are interested in. To complete the reservation 200 euros must be paid in advance which will be deducted from the initial payment.


  • When you rent in Spain, you pay a deposit as caution money. It will be refunded at the end of the stay according to the conditions. The amount of the deposit is equal to the rent.
  • Procedure expenses: They are 25% of the rent and you will only have to pay once. Example: If your rent is 250 euros you will have to pay 62,5 euros and it is just once.

Additional services

If tenants agree, you can contract a cleaning service of the common areas of the apartment. This service must be paid separately.

Technical service.

For further information:  Tel (+34) 948 10 34 10  Fax (+34) 948 10 27 96
Pisos Máster - C/ Iñigo Arista, 19 - PO Box 31007 - Pamplona
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Apartment Echavacoiz Teodoro Ochoa Nº 18 3
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